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Covid-19: Building a Digital Bridge to the New Normal

A Reverse Approach of Digital marketing  Via Visual Communication 

Does your Business have an online Presence?

The world is now more visual than its ever been in Human History!

Reverse marketing also known as value or attraction marketing is a strategy that encourages customers to choose companies instead of using forceful advertising techniques to get consumers to spend. It focuses on building trust and letting the customer come to the brand. By offering help, advice and relevant information, companies attract their ideal customers who view them as authorities or experts.

As a result of the digital revolution the way human beings process information has become more visual.

A key differential lies between firms who rely on staff and services to be in the same place as the customers – from pubs to planes – and firms able to market, communicate and trade online.

Marketing has changed forever.

Digital Content Marketing is the future of Marketing The Real Estate Industry Fashion Industry Beauty Industry Event Industry Hospitality Industry you name it all has changed drastically over the past few years.


puzzle piece 2.png


Avalanche Advanced Marketing Services Ltd, aka MAA-Invercargill, is the derived from the first three letters, above, yes,backward,.Ok Ok i know the question is Why? 

How can we miss our story, afterall we are in the business of Storytelling,here is the story below:

I was fascinated of the word AVALANCHE, (i know) and so always wanted to keep this name, but at the same time I also have deep down a thought to do something for my mother, so one day a name strike and Avalanche Advanced Marketing, and if we flip the first three letters from the main title, it will become MAA, and so This is it. So here we made sure, and its #MAAINVERCARGILL

Storytelling and Customer Engagement and your marketing campaign will be a 

success that other businesses talk about.

Now do you wana know me?



Avalanche Advanced Marketing , aka MAA Invercargill are already seeking to help clients with extra discounts and offers to help them through the crisis period. Join out COVID19 forum , But we can also help firms in the longer run to help develop tailored digital marketing strategies to suit them and their customer bases. This includes updating and upgrading strategies to help adjust to changing customer demands.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive Your Business  a new niche fresh attention.

All you’ve got to do is give us a call or message 022 521 2660 or 022 521 2660.. now you  will remember me     :-P

Let the Innovation begin!!

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