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Covid-19: Building a Digital Bridge to the New Normal

The world is now more visual than its ever been in Human History!

As a result of the digital revolution the way human beings process information has become more visual.

A key differential lies between firms who rely on staff and services to be in the same place as the customers – from pubs to planes – and firms able to market, communicate and trade online.

Marketing has changed forever.

Digital Content Marketing is the future of Marketing The Real Estate Industry Fashion Industry Beauty Industry Event Industry Hospitality Industry you name it all has changed drastically over the past few years.


  • Social media – as this will be all-important for maintaining links

  • Websites with online trading, delivery, related content, which will be popular in the absence of live Human connection.

  • Emphasising ethics – firms that act ethically in retaining staff and paying suppliers, or helping in other ways like supporting food banks, will be able to highlight this in content marketing, while some may suffer reputation damage for not doing so.

No matter the industry or nature of a business, the case studies says all have one thing in common: the brands behind them are aiming to make themselves useful — not just entertaining — to consumers at a time when many of them are stuck at home


"Lets do #CDD coffee & donut date"

At Avalanche Advanced Marketing Services (MAA), we believe that you know your Business better, just like a mother knows her baby better than anyone.

We are proudly the first company in Southland, with a mission to encourage taking proper steps to adapt the Visual communication marketing strategy is the smart thing all Business owners around the world should do, because visual content marketing is obviously going to remain as the most popular medium of communication throughout the next several years.

This means that the importance of digital marketing – already crucial for small firms that have seen traditional marketing bring ever weaker returns on investment – will be even greater during and after the Covid 19 crisis.

When we partner with clients for full-service creative solutions, we devise a  strategic plan to capture the right audience attention and ensure client satisfaction. 


If you want some practical, jargon-free advice on how to change your marketing strategy to flourish through the lockdown, why not sign up to our free Covid-19 marketing consult?



 We are the professional Creator, Leaders, Influencer, community activist, providing people with the type of content they're craving, something they haven't seen before. Focus on brand leadership, storytelling and customer engagement and your marketing campaign will be a success that other businesses talk about.

Innovation gives birth to CHANGE- A difference.

  • How to best help your clients?

  • How to improve communications?

  • How to support create Online solutions?

  • How to shift your focus?

Our idea is to bring  a DIFFERENCE, 

we can work to actively redesign our road maps for our agencies and help our clients do the same. If they find success, even in small amounts, you will, too.

As locals we all know the Answer...

A vibrant and diverse community that takes the lead in its own future. ... Beautifying South Invercargill by community -a Drone way..



Avalanche Advanced Marketing , aka MAA Invercargill are already seeking to help clients with extra discounts and offers to help them through the crisis period. Join out COVID19 forum , But we can also help firms in the longer run to help develop tailored digital marketing strategies to suit them and their customer bases. This includes updating and upgrading strategies to help adjust to changing customer demands.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive Your Business  a new niche fresh attention.

All you’ve got to do is give us a call or message 022 521 2660 or 022 521 2660.. now you  will remember me     :-P

Let the Innovation begin!!

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