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Would you like your Product/Service to be used by every single house in Southland???

 "If they see, they say"

In Invercargill  the best way of marketing is word of mouth,

Digital content marketing,(DCM )and Word of mouth, goes hand in hand.

Lets assume, what come in your mind , when to go for a coffee,in town?

The answer is in your brain, is an example of your subconscious mind, stored a Brand name, either visually or verbally, both forms are of Communication.

Digital Content Marketing is the future of  Marketing,  The Real estate Industry,Fashion Industry, Beauty Industry, Event Industry, Hospitality Industry,you name is and it all has been changed in past few years drastically,  Traditional way of Selling house now collaborated with Digital Way of Advertising it.,

 Selling Products Digitally is a Mobile Service,

Are you thinking to Sell your House?

Whats the barrier in your Business Model?

Think Digitally !!!!!!!!!its the solution

Not sure how to do it effectively?

We will help you with that. 

"Lets do #CDD coffee & donut date"

At Avalanche Advanced Marketing Services (MAA), we believe that you know your home/Business better, just like a mother knows her baby better than anyone.

We are proudly the first company in Southland, with a mission to encourage house owners to sell their house privately and Local Business to Create Stimulating Marketing,  which can save thousands in traditional marketing & of course Commission.​

We believe in the power of ideas. Our comprehensive creative agency is based in Invercargill, and we work with clients near and far in order to help them transform the way they sell houses.

When we partner with clients for full-service creative solutions, we devise a  strategic plan to capture the right audience attention and ensure client satisfaction.  "Lets do #CDD coffee & donut date"



 We are the Professional experts in Social Media Marketing, and Content Creation. We are Strategist, Techno-freak, Presentor, Innovator, Community Activist and much more.

Innovation gives birth to CHANGE- A difference.

Our idea is to bring  a DIFFERENCE, where many people would be able to afford housing and the costs associate with it, to make southland more desirable for growth and living. We want to make southland a place YOU can call HOME. 

As locals we all know the Answer...

Urban View


 Lets talk on how the Digital Marketing concept works and how it is effective with proven results.

Let have a#CDD,  Coffee and Donut Date,

So book online & Give me an opportunity to Thankyou.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your house selling goal forward or Your Business  a new niche fresh attention.

All you’ve got to do is give us a call or message 022 521 2660 or 022 521 2660.. now you  will remember me     :-P

Let the Innovation begin!!


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